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High Test Education is dedicated to helping students in their efforts to master the ACT college entrance exam. Through personalized service face to face or over online platforms, students will be paired with a tutor who can effectively communicate the nuances of this test while also sharing skills and strategies necessary for success. Over 2 million students take this exam yearly. Many enter into the testing process with little knowledge about the format or content of the exam. With our tutoring packages, the mysteries of the ACT will be revealed so each student may achieve their potential!


ACT Tutoring Packages


The Basics Package:

The Basics Package is comprised of four personal sessions over four weeks which look broadly at each of the four content areas of the ACT. The nuts and bolts of strategy are the primary focus as minimal sessions limit the amount of practice review possible. This package is perfect for the borderline student who only needs a small increase (1-3 points) in their score.

Total Price: $120


The Group Package:

The Group Package is for friends or classmates who need some ACT help and want to work together to learn. Over four weeks, the group will learn the strategy behind success on the ACT while benefitting from a collaborative environment. This package requires four or more participants. Take advantage of this affordable tutoring option!

Total Price: $80 per participant


The Subject Package:

The Subject Package is comprised of four personal sessions over four weeks which look specifically at a single subject on the ACT. Here, strategy and extensive review for the content area desired are highlighted and undertaken. This package is for the student who is having trouble hitting their target in only one or two areas of the ACT exam and wants to use their time efficiency by focusing their efforts on the subjects of greatest need.

Total Price: $120


The Premium Package:

The Premium Package is an eight week one-on-one course which includes the strategy of the Basics Package combined with a week extra of student-specific test review for each content area of the test. Students in need of significant increases (4+ points) are recommended to take advantage of this package.

Total Price: $240


Current Discounts:

Sibling Discount: Save 10% off of your total price for each participating sibling!

School Discount: See your counselor to see if your school qualifies.