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High Test Education is dedicated to developing middle and high school students through dynamic, personal, proven methods in order to assist them in creating educational and occupational opportunities. Each student’s success is our success, and our sole mission is to help others reach their goals in an affordable and effective manner. Here, qualified and capable staff have overcome the unique challenges students face, and through experience and hard work, they have created a curriculum designed to help others overcome the same. High Test can help you achieve your potential, wherever you may be and wherever you may wish to go.


S. Nathan Polk II, Owner & Tutor, is an accomplished student and hard worker. A 99th percentile scorer on the ACT and a National Merit Scholar, Polk’s proven himself as a capable tester with a mastery of core content. His demonstrated success has led to a passion for helping others and educating students. This vision and passion have materialized as High Test Education. Polk is an Honors College student at The University of Alabama.